Slim pickings for Tombow…

Managed to get me a Zoom 707sh ‘full black’ that came out in 2011. At one time I thought there was no such thing as an all-black version of the 707. But in reality, the information had been staring at me for years, buried in the mini ‘Zoom catalog’ image that I’d referred to so many times in the past:

Anyway. Here I’ve paired it with the equally slim Lamy Spirit ballpoint and the Zoom 505 ‘Meta’ edition in black hairline finish. My first 707 was the shiny chromed De Luxe version, which I had immediately paired with a similarly shiny and chromed Spirit. Seems apt!


Whoa! You continually amaze me, Kelvin. So many great gems in your collection. That all black Spirit looks amazing. Where did you find that 707sh in all black??

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Thanks, Gary! Found it on Mercari

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Good price! Will keep a look out for one.

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I think this is in the wrong box the all black pencil should be SH-ZS-12.

The box you have is for the rarer bronze with gold clip pen limited edition.


This is something that still happens today. Store assistants have no way of knowing if a particular box matches the exact model you’re buying…

Wow, the pairing with the Spirit is amazing. I never thought of these two as companions, but it is a lovely sight.

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I must admit, the Spirit and the 707 seem to work well together. I am mainly a Tombow collector, but will have to look at the Spirit (really like the black one)

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When I got my first 707 de luxe, I knew I needed a Spirit BP to go with it. And while it could also work with the 707 as a BP and Spirit as MP, it just felt more right that Tombow would be the pencil while Lamy did the pen. I’m quite happy with the black versions working out like this :slight_smile: