Side/body knock

I was going through my collection and noticed I don’t have any side or body-knock pencils.

Aside from the quicker clicker (I have never been a fan) are there any other contemporary or affordable vintage pencils (under $50 USD) that you could recommend?

I guess I never liked the quicker clicker because it just looks and feels cheap (no offense, I know this is a favorite of many). I guess I have never been drawn to “economy” pencils, but that may be a topic for another discussion thread. Maybe I’m missing something?


I happen to really like the Quicker Clickers and all of her cousins but it’s mostly from growing up in the 80s and coming across that model as a schoolboy.

For a really great to experience body-knock I’d recommend a Kokuyo Mistral.


Thanks. And again no offense intended. I know the QC has a huge group of enthusiasts.

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No worries! It’s good that not everyone likes the same thing. That would make this site as boring as the subreddit. :joy: kidding.


And more expensive as well.

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Tombow’s Olno and Olno Swift are the most recent body-knock designs that I recall. They use a flexible silicone rubber shroud as the body to reduce the cost of production compared to previous designs like Kokuyo’s Mistral series.

Both Olno versions are discontinued but are still relatively easy to find online. The cheaper Olno has several colorful schemes including a clear version. The thicker Olno Swift has a special Tombow Centennial / 100th Year edition that came with a commemorative mook.