Sharp Kerry labeling question

The Pentel Sharp Kerry was one of those unexpected delights that come with a new hobby.
At first, I was not a fan, as I initially was really only interested in drafting style pencils.
But I ended up picking one up, and it has become one of my favorites.
It just feels so good in your hand, and I love the variety of colors and banding.

Anyway pre-2011, on the original line of Kerry’s near the bottom of the caps, features the inscription, Pentel 5, where the newer models features the inscription Kerry.

I have some Kerry’s that I know are post 2011 but still have the “5”. Does anyone have a complete list of all “5” branded Kerrys that are post 2011?


Check this out


I thought I had seen that before.

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I feel like I could’ve written exactly what you did - the Kerry completely took me by surprise! I ignored it forever not caring much for it’s stout figure and generally being the total opposite of a drafting style pencil. But once I got ahold of one I was hooked.

In addition to what @Knockologist posted, here are two other good resources:
Cuirassier - Pentel Kerry Collection List
Yellowdali - Pentel Kerry Collection

Also, here is my Kerry tracking sheet if you like.

As far as I know, it was 2001 when they “refreshed” the line for their 30th anniversary and changed from Pentel 5 to Kerry Since 1971. This was also when they released new colors other than the standard black/red/blue/green/brown colors.


Moving from “5” to “Kerry” was a gigantic failure. I’m only interested in specimens that have the 5, though the recent anniversary pieces were the first ones nice enough to get me to consider them.


Thank you!


It’s really a great pencil all around. Diminutive when capped for easy carry and handy when posted. Contours & tapers are well done. And so many themes / colors to choose from. Pentel customer service is great.

Have the internals changed at all over the years? Or pretty much the same materials all through the production life?


Hasn’t it been that limited editions typically made after the switch to “Kerry” feature “5” instead as homage to the original labeling?


I’m not sure what their reasoning is based on. The 50th anniversary has Kerry, and if that’s not really considered a limited, there are a bunch of examples such as the Tokyu Hands Limited Black and more if you look in the tracking sheet.


Hey @Heath your Kerry and Staedtler 925 Tracking Sheets are great! Thank you for sharing them.
Have you made others?


That’s why I said typical, as it’s definitely not a rule. Would be interesting to find out their rationale between using “5” vs. Kerry.

The Tokyu Hands Black was “limited” but they never indicated a number, did they?