Selling various pens and pencils (Japan)

I can send directly to where you live, or if you have an open proxy I can ship to him via a minimum price mercari listing. All prices are in JPY but I plan on doing the payment via PayPal. I don’t mind buying a few things from mercari/YAJ on top of whatever you buy from me as long as I am paid beforehand!

PILOT shareholder set (includes red shaker 2020) 1000 JPY
Kurutoga Dive Orange 8000 JPY
Advance Upgrade Limited Edition 1300 JPY each

Commemorative gold PILOT MP in original box 2000 JPY
PILOT 2+1 1st edition (rounded tip) with price tag 7500 JPY

All pencils in here have some use. I’ll specify the condition of each
PILOT Automac Black - No noticeable scratches nor faded letters. Automatic mechanism has some wear but can be used. 6000 JPY
PILOT legno. The clip is slightly loose, otherwise good condition. 1500 JPY
Mitsubishi Holder 0.5. Both are used items and the plastic surface has some regular use wear and tear. Notice that they’re different models (eraser cap length, front tip ring). Top one 2000 JPY (unused eraser, less wear), bottom one 1500 JPY (used eraser, more wear)
PILOT H585. No clip nor eraser cap. 500 JPY
Pentel PMG 0.3 first edition. Heavy wear and tear overall, but the mechanism still works perfectly. 2500 JPY

Chromatic USA multipen. Missing some refills, the mechanism seems to work fine. 1000 JPY each
NOS Zebra AS X ballpoint (with 1000 JPY price sticker). The sticker is also in good condition. 1500 JPY
NOS Zebra AS V ballpoint (with 500 JPY price sticker). The sticker is also in good condition. 800 JPY
Parker IM ballpoint. Good condition. 1000 JPY
Caran d’ache ballpen, hairline finish. 2800 JPY

Various boxes, a compass and leads. Free. If you need any of this just let me know.

I also have some fountain pens for sale, if anyone is interested let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


What fountain pens are for sale? And could you check how much shipping from Japan to Brazil is currently costing (via whatever’s the cheapest method)?


I am interested in the Automac


And the dive as well.

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Most are gold nibs. All can be written with.

Sailor shikiori orihime. MF. 10000 JPY

Pilot elite engraved cap. 1975. EF. 5000 JPY

Pilot Custom 823 2022 F. 20000 JPY

A bunch of cheaper FPs.

Pilot elite soft nib. Not sure about date, but somewhere in the 70s. 3000 JPY

Sailor 21k. 1970. 2000 JPY.

Sailor F3. 1000 JPY

Platinum. 1000 JPY

Cartelo commemorative fp. M~B. 1500 JPY


The shipping depends on the size and weight, as you may suppose. I put 100g of weight to Brazil and got these as the cheapest options

Anyone can check it by searching “shipping rates Japan Post”


I sent you a chat :+1:

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is dive still for sale?

The dive is sold

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