Scripto Company History


Anyone here have one of these?

Hey @Pdunc67, I remember browsing that Scripto website some time ago, when I discovered the Markers made by Listo Pencil Corp. — I wanted one, I think I saw many on Ebay, but never ended getting a specimen, as my money run elsewhere. I think I still want that black holder for fatty, greasy lead, I’ve seen it used by doctors to pinpoint specific areas where to apply procedures.

I found an unmarked Skilcraft/Autopoint Double-Ender at a Pen Show in 2023 or 2022, but that’s basically all I have from that company; I think that pencil landed in Italy thanks to some Americans stationing in the country, but maybe it was a common import item back in the days. I keep it loaded with a red and a blue 0.9 mm (0.036") lead, as it’s supposed to be, but I reckon it has the potential to be used with two different lead hardness cores, potentially speeding up some drafting procedures (first sketch vs corrections/retouching).

Thank you for reminding me how many more things I don’t own yet… :smiley: