Sakura ID Help please

Can I get help identifying this pencil?
The listing had the information below, but I wonder if something got lost in the translation. I have been googling these terms and haven’t found anything.

I am trying to find out when these were sold. Does anyone know if these have shown up in any catalogs we can access?

SAKURA Sakura Crepas Sakura Slide BACKY Blacky Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Pipe Slide Type Red Discontinued

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I don’t have any slide sharp catalogue (looking forward to someone sharing it), but I know the model number of this pencil because I once had its packaging. The red one (in the picture) is NS500A #19, and the blue one is NS500A #49.


thank you!

Blacky. If I remember correctly it’s etched somewhere on that plastic section with the clip. It’s a nice compact pencil. Maybe 80s?



Thank you Vasco