Sailor Pencil ID

Would anyone know what this vintage Sailor pencil model this would be? It has a fixed tip, and a clear inside lead reservoir inside which I didn’t expect considering its age. There is a small booklet, but I do not know how to read it. Below is a scan of it.


All I was able to get out of the title page is Sailor Sharp Pencil Use Instruction Book

The packaging, pencil, and instruction sheet are all fantastic. Sailor does not get enough love in the pencil community.


The chuck isn’t working, it is currently stuck due to its age/no use. I’ll go ahead and use some B’laster to hopefully get the mechanism going.

This is awesome!

As far as I know, most of Sailor’s executive sharps don’t carry colloquial model names or distinctions.

But they are certainly cool!


Good to know. Thanks for the info. :+1:

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