Sailor MP ID help please

Can I get some help identifying this Sailor MP?
It came in this box along with the pamphlet. The flyer appears to be dual purpose as one side has fountain pen instructions and the other is for mechanical pencil and BP.

Looking at the instructions, I do see 1979 on the MP side. Im guessing that’s when the instructions were printed. I was trying to figure out the model number/name and when it was sold.


I have the same one without the box. I’m interested as well!

I “accidentally” won the auction on this one as well. Any insights, forever grateful.

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@Hammer_Jackson, yours says Chalana… one of their many executive style brands. There is little to no documentation for specific models under each brand.

@Pdunc67, I have jotted down the series name Hoscal for this pencil, but it is most likely a brand name for a whole series of FPs, BPs etc. with different, unlinked designs.

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@Pdunc67 i believe I have multiple models of this pencil by different brands

@drifand thank you very much

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