Removing paint from Faber Castell TK-Matic L

Recently I found a Faber Castell TK-Matic L for an incredibly good price; however, there appears to be “Granada 82” painted on it, seemingly paying homage to the Ford Granada 1982. I have 2 questions.

  1. Is it actually paint?
  2. Should I remove the lettering, and if so, what should I use to remove it without damaging the pencil?

Nice! I was able to remove it with 80% isopropyl and some hard work.


I doubt it was for the Ford Granada from 1982. It would’ve had “FORD” on it too. It may very well have been a last name (or company name) and the year commemorating some key event, like a retirement or achievement year. Anyway, nice score on this – often a personalized pen or pencil can be had for a good bit less and it can just be surface paint instead of an engraving. How much did you pay for it, in USD?

I’d wanted one of these and kept getting beat on auction bids. I took a long break then came back at it, only to find average auction prices had even gone up. I ended up with a pretty much mint example for $125 shipped, then another in EX+ condition (very minor signs of use) for $80 shipped. Overall, not a bad average price. These are terrific mechanical pencils. Very understated.

One in mint boxed condition just sold for about $170 USD (LINK)

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$120 including shipping. It is NOS condition other than the paint. It’s pretty strange that someone would customize this pencil and never use it.