Remove logo from barrel

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to safely remove a printed logo on a plastic body?

Here is a P225 that I’d like to remove the promo branding from.

The things that come to mind are:

Belt sander, brillo pad, spray paint, and duct tape. Just be sure to wear safety glasses and sun-screen.

Hmm, maybe I am not the best person to comment on this. Didn’t you do this before on another pencil?

I did but it wasn’t without harm. I used goo-gone and it messed up the plastic and I had to do quite a bit of polishing to get it almost acceptable.

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I thought @personified (can we @ people here?) also had some experience with this.

Yeah we can @ mention folks. But don’t mention that Pearson guy. He’s busy playing frisbee golf.


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Or I can put a blank white P225 in the stack with the other pencils I have for you.

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I’ve used nail polish remover on a q-tip to remove prints from plastic pen bodies. I dab it onto the print and let it soak a while before applying the tip to rub it off. Afterwards, there may be some staining or dulling of the surface. I use a dab of toothpaste to gently polish it out.

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Oh lala. You have some plain white 225s? All the white ones I have have some printing on them. I have the ones with the little characters on them that I really like but I’m in need of plain white.

I bought a box of them several years ago.

You’re awesome. Add it to my pile :slight_smile: