Regulator function pencils

Anyone got a list of every mechanical pencil with a regulator function? Feeling a want to collect them. I only know about STAEDTLER and OHTO, and even then, I don’t know OHTO models besides the Promecha and it’s replacement.

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  • Ohto Super Promecha
  • Ohto Conception
  • Staedtler REG 925 85
  • Staedtler 925 95
  • Tombow Variable

I only have a 925 85 05

Uni Kuru Toga Dive has a regulator.

I have an old Jib Colleen that has that feature

Here is a
Similar pencil on ebay

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I have 5 of those exact Colleen Jibs, but none of them has a regulator.

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You saw Elton’s description of that right? Are you saying that none of yours have the internal regulator function?


Maybe I am misinterpreting what we are calling a regulator. On mine if I twist the brass insert into the barrel, I get about 1mm of lead per knock. When I back it out, as shown in the other picture, it’s fractional. (10 clicks is about 5mm).

Lengthening or shortening the barrel, causing the knocked amount to change accordingly. Isn’t this similar to what the Otho Promecha and Conception do?


“brass insert into the barrel”

Are you referring to the large flange piece just before the end cap?

I never read Elton’s description because I had all these pieces before he ever listed them for sale :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes. If you remove the cap you can twist the clutch part in and out to affect the amount knocked

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In your pictures, you removed the tip (and that’s where the clutch is located).

But now, you just said “cap.”

I think you meant tip, though, and I just want to be sure.

Yep. That’s right. That’s what I meant. Thanks

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I looked at one of these last night and can see how the clutch is certainly different on pencils, but I didn’t try twisting to mess with the advance. Gonna play with that now, though!

This is Jibberish! :joy:

I have that Colleen too and I think this is more of an incidental “feature”. The way the pencil is designed with the clutch casing screwing in to the body is what causes this. I find it hard to believe that they intended this to be a feature - they certainly would have advertised it in some way.