Recent updates to the Knockology web site

I was happy to see the addition of a Tip Jar. I may be speaking out of place, but I feel that Thomas provides an invaluable service to us as collectors, and this website undoubtedly costs him out of pocket each month.

Thank you again Thomas for the service you are providing the MP collecting community.

I did have a question about another new feature. What is the purpose/intent of Solution control, and how/when should we use it?



That is a feature that I am testing that would allow us to mark a particular response to a question as the solution/answer.

As you noticed, this feature was showing up on all posts which isn’t the desired or final solution. I want to apply this option only to posts that are question based so that we have the ability to mark the correct answer as such.

I’m still figuring out the best flow to have this only apply to actual question/help posts. I have a few options I am testing.


What I am testing now is having the solution feature only on posts that have the Question or Help tag.