Recent purchases, perhaps the last in a while

Zebra 12 function
Pentel Orenz Nero
Unknown Platinum 0.5mm pencil
Zebra F-1001
Mitsubishi M5-1052 gray barrel
Mitsubishi Pure Malt 5000


I wonder if the Pure Malt 5000 will gain any status now that it’s OOP?


I think they have?
I haven’t seen one under $40 in a bit.
I sure want one though lol

I may have missed the boat again


I believe it already has, most of them go for over 10k yen…

I’ve seen some sell for around ¥6000k back about 4 to 6 months ago. Did you notice a very recent spike in the price?

That’s… a lot! MSRP was ‘only’ 5000? Wow… they are AUTOMAC’ing this HARD.

Yeah, it was pretty recent