Really? What gives?

Yeah yeah, scalpers tripping hard guys. Item title- - Japan Shopping & Proxy Service

I read the description but can’t comprehend what kind of sale this is.

What some sellers I’ve seen do on eBay is when they’ve got a listing with a quantity, and the quantity technically runs out in their warehouse, they leave it with 1 left but bump the price up to something absurdly high that no one will pay. It’s something to do with being up in the top of the search pool. If the quantity goes to zero and is there for a long enough time, even if you add to the quantity after receiving product to sell, your auction will be low in the search priority because it is “starting over.”

At least, that’s what I was told by one seller. I don’t know if this is completely true, but it sounds plausible. Maybe there’s something similar on Mercari…


I kinda figured it was something to do with having to have an item for sale to stay viable as a seller.

Good explanation. There are Amazon sellers that are doing the same.