Random nerdy note about lead grades

I like dark leads—Pilot Neox 2B is my favorite—but I also like high-quality paper with some toothiness to it.

I’ve found 2B to be utterly incompatible with very nice paper, as the graphite sloughs off too easily and creates streaks and smudges.

Hence, I am keeping HB (Pilot Neox) and weak B (Pentel Ain Stein, Uni Nano Dia) on hand for my finest papers and notebooks.

(Otherwise, I’m 2B or darker on crappy copier paper.)


Excellent, I want to go directly to 4B (Currently I have more 2B leads than I will use in this lifetime).

I think I could chew through an entire stick of 4B in just 4 lines of text on my nicest, toothiest paper.


It’s because I write a lot while lying down. 2B works well when I write at a desk, but lying down less pressure is exerted on the paper because the weight of your hand is not on the pencil, anyway.

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Well I’ve been using these ones for the last couple of months and they’re working well for me.