Question regarding vintage uni leadholder

I am looking for details about this vintage uni leadholder.

Is this the predecessor of the current MH-500? When was it available? And what was the catalogue number?

By the way, I think the design of this leadholder (which was available in at least two different versions that differed slightly in their internal structure) is very clever, and when comparing the parts, you can see the no less clever savings in the current model (which I don’t like quite as much, though). – It’s a shame that something like this is no longer available.


Is it possible that I’ve seen this same model (or some variant) in a green plastic? I think I remember a green barrel, rather than the usual burgundy — not sure, however, whether it was an older or a more recent model; the silver imprint looked the same, at any rate.

Saw a whole box of these on YJA. Just ‘uni HOLDER’, and ‘no lead degree’ on one of the sides.


Yes! Here’s one on Mercari: However, it’s quite expensive, especially in view of its poor condition. – The print on my old uni leadholders is gold-coloured; perhaps the one in the photo is already a little worn and looks silver.

An appealing set that you certainly don’t see every day!

By the way, I’ve looked further, and if I’ve understood correctly, there are probably at least three variants of this leadholder.