Question about this Auction (DoubleKnock)

Anyone see any Red Flags regarding this pencil?

I feel like I’m going to receive it and be greatly disappointed due to something obvious I haven’t been able to realize.

Thank you!

Edit: link to Item


I am not sure if the tip is extended fully/correctly. You should compare with past photos… maybe this thread: In this photo from old conversation it looks similar.

Looks OK. You can thank me for the price, because I was going to drop ¥12,000… but stopped short at ¥8,850. :smirk:

Insanely good price for what appears to be a very nice specimen. Let’s hope it doesn’t have any knocking or clutch problems!


Pretty good price at the end!

I wonder why the 0.5 version of this is just impossible to find. I’ve only ever seen one, that too in someone’s collection and not for sale.

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Thank you both…. I’m hoping it is possible to remedy. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this guy :pray:

Is the finish the same? I think the M5-300 with “diamond-cut” finish is the only similar 0.5…


Yes exactly the same as the 0.3. I think this is MX-101 if I recall correctly. I’ll try and dig it up - it was most likely PG1000 on Twitter (Currently Known as X). This one has fine hairline grooves while the MX-300s have much deeper ones.

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I always thought that there are 4 variants: the smooth (Mx-100) and the diamond cut (Mx-300) grip in .3 & .5?

Edit: I have no price for an M5-100, so I don’t know. As popossum wrote, it’s strange that the M5-100 is so rare…,

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I had (what I thought) I lowball/sniper bid on it. Woke up and was VERY surprised and happy. But then that made me scared haha

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Right? That’s why I posted this haha. I’ll let you know upon arrival

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So are the Mx-100/Mx-300s the same pencil, while only possessing different aesthetics? Or is this pencil a lower tier than the Mx-300?

How come?

I don’t have any of them, so I can’t say.

Whaaaaa?!? I’m blown away…. Is there a reason? From your Flcker posts I figured you owned multiples of everything imaginable…?

Haha, yes, there is a reason: Nearly all of my “top-tier” pencils I bought years ago (when things were less expensive), but I was not aware of all top-tiers (informations were not so easily available as today with reddit and knockology). These Mitsubishi double-knocks escaped my radar ;-). And there are pencils, which have been expensive all the time, so it’s also possible that never an occasion with acceptable price popped up.

Just didn’t look right to me. You might be lucky and that the seller simply forgot to tighten down the front section. Or… there’s an issue and it won’t screw down any further. Given the signs of use, I just didn’t want to risk it and figured I can just wait… again.

This is a “sell anything” seller. They don’t specialize in writing instruments. So… it’s hard to know if this pencil is totally OK. Their boiler-plate “● Due to age, there are dirt and scratches. The item will be shipped as is,” is in every auction. The seller didn’t even state that they checked for function. Now, the good thing, is that the lead pipe shows lead peeking out. And they were thoughtful enough to remove the eraser cap to show the eraser wear. I was going to drop ¥12k if I woke up in time… but I didn’t. My guess is that you’ll have lucked out and gotten a decent used example for an excellent price.


The skeleton Mitsubishi double knock came a bit unscrewed. I believe they do so to release tension on the spring. Preventing it from cracking(?).

I’m not sure what else would explain such a convenient error? Hopefully…

Thank you for your observation. Let’s hope my optimism defies your observations haha