Question about the Kuru Toga Dive

Today I saw drifand’s post over at r/sharppencils about the Kuru Toga Dive getting released on 4 November, and want to buy one as a birthday present. Do you guys know how we can get our hands on it for the original listing price? I don’t want to pay those scalper prices.

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That’s @drifand’s post.

If you post it you gotta help us buy it. That’s the rule, right? :wink:


Sure, yeah yeah… :joy:

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I believe my best bet is to email Uni to see how I could aquire the Dive. I will keep you guys posted on it.

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popossum wrote in reddit about surfacing Dives at the usual places. If there is no price decrease tomorrow or in the next days, I am out for those. Of course a markup is justified for the buyers (especially if the buying was really so cumbersome as described over there), but not at that amount. Maybe the strong $ helps a bit, but just for a new color I won’t spend ~200€.

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