Purple Dive Colors

A lot has been said about the Dive. I have a few of them. Finally found a good deal on the Aurora Purple.

The paint is really something to behold. I opened the box and was looking at a blue Dive - a dark denim blue. Then I adjusted the lighting a bit and I was looking at a green Dive - brooding ocean water. Then I turned it around and could start to see purple - a deep luxurious magenta. A complete delight and a work of art. These shots are direct from my iPhone.

I had a very hard time trying to capture an all-purple image of it, but I decided that was my point with this post. They should have just called it Aurora Borealis.


Looks great. I have the orange the the color is ok, but I was in a rush to get one early out of excitement. I should have waited for the purple or blue (don’t know the exact color name so adding photo)


I have orange, green and purple. I don’t much care for the myriad blue options. If the Aurora is a purple/green/blue mix, then I hope they do fuchsia and canary yellow mix next. Something even more extravagant.

[photo: Rubin Design Studios]


I was surprised at how much I liked the orange- it’s so vibrant compared to the others. Although my pictures don’t do it justice.