Protection and Ribbed for Pleasure

Though these items have clearly lived a life before arriving in my mail, I’m elated to have finally attained them for (I feel) well below I ever expected to pay.

The Cap, EVER-being attainable was always a naive hope; I never believed I would encounter such an opportunity…. The 2050 without the cap, was akin to owning a Non-Turbo Supra…. Just, unfortunate.

The Pelikan Signum D570 is one I’ve seen often, but always laughed at the price. Someone reselling must have understood that as well and listed it appropriately, fortunately for me.

Pelikans are a brand I rarely/almost never see collected (except for the Luigi oblong design). For some reason random models spark my attention, never anything specific or consistent.

••• The “ribbed” exterior is actual texture, not just painted (I was never sure). Overall, I’m quite happy.

Pilot Sprinter…my theory on how I won the auction is that there were TWO with seemingly identical selling/seller information. I“sniped” with a bid of $60~(ish) 99% sure I wouldn’t win, only to discover, I had.


•••the name is rubbed off, has some scratches, but that’s fine by me. I am not a stickler for perfection, just functionality. The HUGE surprise was realizing the spring was not solely for aesthetics, but actually compresses when knocked…. Super glad to have it finally arrive…


I wrote it somewhere else, but I think the ribbed D570 is the most interesting variant of the Signum family.

I only have one other. But if the rest are like my former Signum, it shouldn’t be hard.

The Pelikans I’ve been searching for the hardest are their ‘drafting’ versions?

Oddly enough, the only reason I know of their existence is due to your Flickr post :roll_eyes:

The middle two, that is.

Very similar to the Pilot HH-50k (?)… I always get the model numbers mixed up

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I got that exact same Pelikan Signum towards the end of last year. I love it. Incredibly substantial-feeling.

Better stay away from the middle ones – they are prone to rubber disease.

Well that is disappointing… But I greatly appreciate the heads up!