Problem with A.W. Faber 5070 Precision Point

Today I got an A. W. Faber 5070 Precision Point (which is basically an EMCA). I disassembled it and cleaned it, and after that it worked perfectly. After noticing remaining dirt I disassembled and cleaned it again but now the point isn’t a nice as before. Is there a magic trick for inserting the blades? I have noticed that the blades don’t protrude evenly if the first blade is pushed into the taper completely. Is there some kind of adjustment necessary? I’m puzzled …

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I have about a dozen of these. What I do is just lightly set the blades in the retainer, then quickly flip it over on a hard surface, making sure they all touch that surface, then press them in evenly.


Thank you for that advice! Unfortunately I cannot proceed that way because the shape of the retainer, i. e. its four protruding “claws”, make that impossible. However, I have removed and inserted the blades a few times and now the pointer works perfectly although the blades stick out unevenly. – The pointer is used so I assume that the edges of the blades are unevenly worn; maybe this causes the problem (or at least adds to it).

Anyway, it’s a great device, and I hope that I will find a new one someday.

Here are 5 of the ones I have, along with a bunch of DJ Fugle Lead Lok leadholders.


Wow, that’s impressive – thank you for showing!

If you ever want to get rid of one of these pointers I would be if you could make me an offer :wink:

Here is a photo of my packaged pointers. I still need to find a packaged Blue and a Green with Gold ring.
You can also see at the top a variety of packages for replacement blades.

My Pentel logo is hanging at the bottom.