PN105 Technoclic auto-advance pencil?

Stationary Wiki has a list of “auto-advance” pencils

They have a long list of “auto-advance” pencils

I know that term gets kicked around a lot, so here is how they are framing it:

Auto-advance or auto-feed mechanical pencils don’t need any action to advance the lead because of their particular mechanism: a spring-loaded sliding sleeve (usually a plastic cone) pushes out more lead every time it is pressed and released from the paper.

In order to work, it is required to write with a very little amount of lead coming outside the tip, and practically to drag the lead sleeve on the paper. Most of the time these pencils are also provided with a push button mechanism, and can be used in the classical way.

This list includes that PN105 Technoclic Pencil. I did not know it was automatic in this sense. But I tested mine and as the sliding sleeve retracted the lead did advance!