Platinum 1998 Catalog - Partial

I tried to compile a PDF from a series of twitter posts I collected back in 2021. Somehow, 12.3 MB was deemed too large for the size limit of 24.4 MB? Sigh. Here are the individual pix:


Pen & Pencil Gift Sets

Retail Displays - Mid to high

Retail Displays - low 1

Retail Displays - low 2

Double 4 Action - 10-20,000 yen

Double 4 Action - 3,500-5,000 yen

Air Grip Double Action - 500 yen

Double 2C and 3C Action - steel models 1,000-1,200 yen

Close-up Double 3C Action model

Double 3 Action - 1,000 yen + Air Grip

Zero-Shin MZ-1000 - 1,000 yen

Zero-Shin MZ-300 - 300 yen

3776, Parisian, Re Celluloid - 10,000-20,000 yen

Platinum Z MPZ-8000 silver plated body, et al. - 5,000-10,000 yen

Platinum Z MPZ-5000 stainless steel body, et al. - 3,500-10,000 yen
Text claims to New York MOMA Design Collection

3776, et al - 2,500-3,000 yen

Zero-Shin MZ-2000 & Belage - 1,500-2000 yen

Various - 1,000-1,500 yen

Zero-Shin MZ-1000 etc - 1,000 yen

Various - 1,000 yen

Zero-Shin MZ-500 and Hayaai MH-300G

Pressman 0.9, et al - 200-300 yen

Various - 100 yen

Soft Pen



This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

Over the years I’ve gotten quite interested in retail displays. Love seeing those in catalogs.


Well, this is totally awesome. The Parisian models were new to me, and this catalogue also shows the extent to which Platinum copied Pilot over the years.

I also found the focus on Double Action models and Zero Shins to be surprising. Seems like those were their two biggest sellers in the MP/multi-pen space at that time.


I need a double 3c action…

Thanks for sharing these!