Platinum 1977 Catalog - shot by mobile phone

Platinum 1977 Catalog - shot by mobile phone
PDF of the full content is at this link. Below are the cover and catalog images as supplement.


Thanks for sharing this. A fascinating time capsule! The body knock ‘Angle’ is unaccompanied by its simpler version without the chevron print. Wonder if it came later?


The regular Angle had at least 2 releases, too. I’ve blindly assumed it came before the chevron, but they are very different pieces, so I guess it doesn’t make sense to assume anything.

The grip portion of the Angle spins around freely, but the chevron does not exhibit this same behavior.

Edit: Did I miss something? I don’t see any body knocks at all in the images above.

It now shows that I have 8 likes, but the dropbox file link has only 2 clicks, HMM…

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:joy: I totally missed the Dropbox link!

Speaking of Angle, I’m attaching a picture of the instruction here, I haven’t bought this pen yet, but can someone tell me, for the features mentioned in p3 & p4, does anything change if you actually operate like this?


Considering I can’t read kanji, you’ll have to tell me what’s going on in pictures 3 and 4 :rofl:

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