Pilot SUPER PRO, aka H325

So, I came across this auction listing for a sliding sleeve H325 in sealed package. EDIT: I had mis-identified this with the H315, which has a fixed sleeve.

Interesting how Pilot chose a proper name to market this in the USA.


My brain is fighting back here—I thought only the H-315 had a fixed sleeve. Every H-325 I’ve ever seen has had a sliding sleeve…


Ah my bad… will amend

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How uncommon are these? That seller sold a few at $49.99 but now has it listed at $39.99.

No Idea really. This series is one of those side quests that I find myself in from time to time. I hadn’t realized the existence of the slide pipe version… Ultimately, $50 is ‘too much’. $30 tops. Anything more is pure indulgence.

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