PILOT Sprinter oddity

There were 2 versions of the PILOT Sprinter. One had an attractive tear-drop style nose piece and full body length of “coiled spring” steel. The other version had a more traditional nose cone design and a plastic grip, which could be provided in a few different colors.

In all of the versions searchable online, I’d never come across a Sprinter with a coating on the coiled spring body.

Perhaps when NIPPON STEEL commissioned PILOT to make a branded version of the Sprinter for them, they had a coating applied as well to make it look more like brass. If you look very closely at the cap, there’s some additional lettering provided that’s non-standard. All I can make out is “TANIUM.” So my suspicion is that it’s “TITANIUM” and the coating is perhaps capturing a shade of the titanium made by NIPPON STEEL… providing the pencils haven’t suffered a uniform color decay.

Here’s my lame attempt to digitally remove the NIPPON STEEL name.


Yep, better have a thread than hidden in the chat. I am quite sure there was an image showing the full word “titanium” in the auction.


Yes… you’re right. I hadn’t looked at that other image.


Saw these and to be honest the color of the metal wasn’t exactly the most attractive to me.

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Looks like Elton bought these… “NIPPON STEEL NAME” still on the body… selling individually for $450 each, claiming they’re made of titanium (when they’re simply coated in a “titanium color” stainless steel).

The original auction closed at just under ¥25k. One hell of a markup.


Speaking of PILOT Sprinter oddities… for the longest time, all I could find on the web were photos of the 2 Sprinter release versions (one with angled nose cone, the other a tear drop nose cone) and a few colors – black, red, and orange. Then came the yellow version, by way of a YAJ listing.

Totally legit. And in fact, @xiaozhenyang4444 managed to win the auction for it. Looking forward to him posting higher resolution photos of it once in hand and possibly a group shot of all Sprinter teardrop variants. :blush:

So, is it possible there are some other colors? Did PILOT ever do a press release or detailed catalog page that showed all of the color options?


Yes, there is an identical one with every yellow part on this pencil changed to red(or orange).


That’s crazy pretty! Reminds me of the Rotring 900 pencil For some reason, which would be one of my Holy grails if it weren’t a 0.7 mm.