Pilot Sharpen 04 with wrong end cap

I was happy to find a Pilot Sharpen 04 at a good price but when it arrived I noticed something strange.

The cap is too long, and a closer look reveals that it belongs to a 0.5 mm pencil (here are two Sharpen 04 with their original cap).

(It’s identical to the cap of the H235 but maybe there are other Pilot pencils with the same cap.)

Of course the pencil works with this cap but it looks odd. Does anyone know how long the original cap of the Pilot Sharpen 04 is? And: Is there a cheap pencil with a compatible cap? – The best thing would be if someone had an original Pilot Sharpen 04 cap to offer but I think that’s very unlikely :wink:


I just discovered this pencil existed while simultaneously losing the auction for it :confused:

Not to take away from your post, but could you possibly compare it to another MP in regards to its quality and value?

Seems like a Trusty contemporary, maybe?

Side note: I just LOVE discovering new pencils man…. Knowing I don’t know HALF the Pencils out there makes me elated I’ll someday be having this experience over and over and over again. This website is the fucking bees. Bravo :raised_hands::clap::raised_hands:

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