Pilot shaker h1010 vs 2020 metal 1000s

Hi, i´m new here since r/mechanicalpencils has been in private. The thing is a want to give my father a gift, and I can’t decide between the two options I have.

Firstly, there is the pilot shaker h1010. I would get the old version, because I’ve heard the new one has lost some quality.

On the other hand, and at the same price, I found another pilot shaker, which I couldn’t get any information of. It’s called, at least in my country (Argentina), “Pilot 2020 Metal 1000 Shaker”. I will leave a picture, so you may recognise it.

So, I will be very grateful if you could give me some advice about which one should I choose (both are at the same price). I would also apreciate some data about the 2020 metal 1000!

Thank you for reading!


I don’t know much about the pencil you posted a photo of. The design reminds me to the Pilot G2 EX, although that’s a ballpoint. I found a Yahoo Auctions Japan listing of that pencil so maybe it was also sold in Japan.

I’d go for an old version h1010, just because it has no rubber grip. If you can get a japanese 2020 that’s also good.
Anyway, does it have to be a shaker? If it doesn’t need to be a shaker, there are plenty of other nice pencils to choose from.


Howdy and welcome to the forum! Like @RPD said, I’d avoid the rubber grip.


Excuse me, I should have clarified this in the post, It has to be a shaker because my father prefers that mechanism over any other. In addition, I want to give him a pilot, since he used to use one when he was at university.

If you don’t mind me asking, why do you say I should avoid the rubber grip?

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Rubber hydrolyzes with time (i.e. becomes sticky) so it’s not a good choice for a product or gift that you want to use/be used for a long time.

If he, for some reason, likes rubber grips, then I would avoid that 2020 and go for a Pilot Dr Grip (also a shaker)

There’s also the new Pilot “The” Dr grip which has a locking mechanism

My personal choice, if on a budget, for a pilot shaker, would be a vintage h1010 (as you said, new ones are reportedly worse quality) or a Japanese 2020.
The cool thing about the 2020 is that it’s the first pencil ever to feature a shaker mechanism.

If you have more money, and access to Japanese old stock (mercari or Yahoo Auctions Japan through a proxy like buyee) then you could buy a 2020 ST, which is an absolute class act

This is the 1000 yen model (not the 2000 yen model on the picture) but it’s not too expensive

The other option, albeit much more expensive, is the Pilot Fumi Raku MP

I seem to mention this pencil everywhere but it really is one of all time greats for me. There is one in white for sale now.


Interesting thread - I recently resurrected my venerable, well-worn H-1010 Shaker that had been snoozing in a drawer for a while. There is a lot to love about the Pilot Shaker, a really nice pencil. I’m glad Past Me set Future Me up so nicely - I must have been smarter than I remember being.

I like the upscale variants shown above, got to keep my eyes open for one of those.


This is my favorite PILOT 2020 shaker model. The shaker mechanism is more muted than on the plastic bodied models. The fixed pipe model is most common, but there’s actually a variant with a pipe-side.


I too own it. Ot is indeed classy.