Pilot Poster/Catalog

Not sure if this has popped up here before.

This was posted on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jiifustationery/status/1703390460935639452/photo/1)


Nice one. Model number for the 0.5 Trusty :slight_smile:

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Interesting. Frustrating that they took an angle shot, instead of straight-on! Any idea of what year?

Didn’t the H-2003/2005 come out at the same time as the H-3003/3005? I’d have thought since it’s more of a “flagship model” that it would be shown. Certainly not everything is represented–space limitations, of course.

I don’t collect Pilots, but I figured someone would be interested. All I know is what is in that tweet.

So you’re exclusively Pentel? No vintage PILOT pencils at all?

Strictly Pentel. I do have a few other pencils, but as far as collecting, it’s Pentel. If I expanded my collection, I would be completely broke, not just poor.


There’s no doubt you’re a serious Pentel collector with some models you’ve sought to collect all the way to completion (or nearly there). I didn’t mean to imply you would be going for a full collection under PILOT as well; I was just curious if you had any of the vintage greats from the brand. Outside of the Pentel brand, what are some of your favorite vintage pencils that you own?

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I respect this collecting philosophy. I would have too much FOMO to take that road myself, but I really like the focus of the idea.

From a visual standpoint, the angled photo is cool due to the interaction with the skew design.
But what is this weird and ugly kokuyo box?!?

At first glance, I thought it was the top half of a stand that might house some KOKUYO writing instruments. But no… it’s white corrugated cardboard. And the name looks spray painted onto the surface, using a stencil. To the right of that is an EOS 7 Mark II, no doubt a Canon digital camera. Perhaps it’s some stationery shop and the person who posted this on Twitter took notice of the PILOT pencil poster when wandering about the store.