PILOT H-565 differences in design, particularly the nose cone

A handful of years ago, I managed to pick up a PILOT H-565. It’s of course near the bottom end of the PILOT drafting style mechanical pencils, but nevertheless a nice looking design. I wasn’t bothered at the time to go hunting down all of the lead sizes, so I just kept the 0.5 mm. I can’t remember if I’d bought it individually, or if it came in a lot of several pencils. Probably the latter.

So later on, I’d started to watch collectors picking up a variety of PILOT drafting style mechanical pencils, when I began to notice something a little odd. All of the H-565 models that have been turning up have conical nose cones, not stepped. Mine is stepped. Also, the eraser cap on mine has a thin red band/ring around just offset a little from the inner side, which I think appears on another pencil model… possibly the H-1905 that has the plastic cap (not the metal one). Red is for 0.5 mm and other colors represent other lead sizes, like green for 0.7 mm. The H-585 has a ring, but it’s a longer cap that isn’t tapered.

Anyway… I’m wondering if anyone else here has seen this H-565 variant.


The stepped-tip models were released in Europe.

In addition, I’m aware of gray and army green variants, but my memory is shaky here—I want to say these color variants were also Europe-only releases.


You’re right, Chris. I saw on Monogusa’s site, a gray one tucked in a batch of pencils. But it has a conical nose cone.


It may well be that the gray and green versions were Japan-only.

And the green may just be a faded, dirty gray :joy:


I have the gray version and the label has the price in Yen, so it was sold in Japan. There is no army green version AFAICT - a faded old gray body might look green in some photos.


Yeah, in that photo I provided from Monogusa, the color is such that it’s like the gold vs. blue dress thing. It can look gray, or green, depending upon your eye. :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

By the way… is the conical nose cone on the H-565 identical to the H-1905? Sure looks like it from that low resolution photo above.


Yes, the 1095 and 565 have identical tips. The 1095 is one of my all time favorites!


Perhaps a whole collection?



You know what’s interesting to me is that this account that has impressively large numbers of sought-after vintage Japanese mechanical pencils, doesn’t show that stepped nose cone version of the H-565. He has the gray one, though.


The H-584 is so legit. Very hard to find!

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