Pilot H-115 end cap variation

Here is the example I have, with a svelte chrome plated cap, like the cone and clip. Looking on ebay I see all of them have a big white plastic cap. Are these versions made at different times or is this due to different markets requirements?


I’ve never seen it but it looks great!
One option is that the end cap came from another pencil. it tends to get lost and some sellers use caps from different models. In particular, that black plastic part looks like it may not match with the rest of the design.

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It is not an improvisation, this is how it was manufactured.
The cap fits perfectly, the inner barrel is made from the same black plastic and I have seen last year another H-115 for sale here in Romania with the same cap. Last but not least, I remember precisely this model being used by other kids when I was in school in the early 90’s.


That’s a fantasic color on that H115. It’s my kryptonite…