Pilot Catalog 1988

Check out the entire PDF.


I intentionally do not collect Pilot pencils, but I may have to change that after seeing the HLT-50R.

Thanks for posting this!

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The HLT-50R is the most elevated example of the Birdie series—thin-barreled, petite pencils that seem like they were marketed to women.

Well, the description does say it is “Lady Slim”.


OMG so much treasure here!
Model numbers for Quatro, Switch and Clutch Point… and the so called ‘Gimno Type’ shaker with the shark gill cutouts is actually called 2020 ‘Kaku’. The ‘Young 2020’ moniker doesn’t get any more official as well. :+1:t2:

Where it does get double-edged is the official numbers for drafting series already emblazoned with a model number.

The steel series with the blue lattice grips are marked H-108x, but the catalog says these are ‘Holder HH-100S-L’… :exploding_head:


That’s why I prefer not to use catalog model numbers when referring to Pilot pencils.

H-1085 is acceptable for colloquial use; HH-100S-L-05 is not.

That was perhaps the most disappointing thing about discovering the catalog—the model numbers that appear on the pencils don’t even appear in the catalog :woman_shrugging:t5:

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And that is why I like Pentel :laughing:.

Their model numbers may not make any sense, but at least they use the same numbers in the catalogs (at least when they put numbers on their pencils).

Some people may also rename the pencils to throw them into a series, such as the SG33/35, which I have only ever seen cataloged as SV (SV3)/SV5.