Pilot 2020 Young (1978) & 2020 Flag (1982)

I’ve obtained others for both lines but these two are my favorite color schemes: Skeleton / Clear Non-Color grip, and red color versions.

In both cases the blue versions are pretty problematic due to yellowing of the blue resin. You can never quite tell if an online pic has been retouched unless there are other neutral colors in the shot. And so, I still have not gotten a blue 2020 Flag.


These are amazing!

Greetings from mine :grinning:


Pilot did a great job with the 2020 Young. It had the right mix of sleek-chunky-rugged-fun :slight_smile:

The 2020 Flag… I got a bit confused with their mixed colorways. Have you seen the half-pink-half-yellow etc versions?


Yes, absolutely! Unfortunately the newer editions (I have a light blue in 0.3 mm) don’t come close.

No, unfortunately not. Yours and my blue one are the only 2020 Flag versions I have ever seen.

By the way, I also have a 2020 with mixed colours (red/yellow/black in my case) but it must be much newer.


I always wonder - are there two versions of the clear grip young? Sometimes photos show the grip with a hint of blue (Drifand) and some photos show only clear/gray (Gunther).

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Could be just a trick of the light… how it refracts the lighting source?


This is such a fun pencil to use. Chunky and knocky. No wonder why they targeted to the “young,” not just physically but also of heart. :smirk::wink::smile:

My favorite hands down is the transparent grip. I need to pick up a reasonably priced used example at some point for using without fear (my only copy is mint with sticker).

I wonder how often PILOT branded the 2020 for companies.


Do we know how long the 2020 Young was in production?

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Best guess? A five year run up to 1982 when the Flag took over. Followed by the 2020 ROCKY in 1985.


That flag variant is nice! Have that black one.


Can somebody please educate me on the difference between these two 2020s?

Version A

Version B

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Run of the mill “older model with nice parts” vs. “newer model with cheaper parts.”

The original 2020 is iconic with its chonky grip and tip. But the modern version features a more understated grip, cheaper-seeming stamped clip, and an absolutely dreadful font on “2020” compared to the original release.


Do we know if they were both sold at the same time, or did the lessor one come later?

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The design genealogy is something like this:

1978 - Young 2020 HF-100S

1980? - Young 2020 BLACK HF-100R-B

1990s - Pilot Korea all plastic ‘Young 2020’

2000s - The Shaker H-1010 0.5 reissue of 2020 BLACK with simplified parts

2000s - The Shaker H-1010 0.7 blue accents

2019 - 2020 Joyful Colors HF-80R, the current gen that you hold, based on the H-1010 but even cheaper parts.