Pilot 2020 checkered flag side knocks in original packaging 👀

Unfortunately, I need to take these out so I can put 'em in The Toolbox™.

But I thought I’d share this picture of them in their original packaging for posterity :v:t6:


So cool! I’ve unwrapped a decent amount of pieces just to put them in a case. Kinda sucky.

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Oh man these are nice!! I’d love to get my hands on the clear Pilot 2020 checkered flag.

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Imma take my time with these. The more I look at the packaging, the more I don’t want to mess with it.

I’m digging the clips left, text right motif; this retail presentation is just too legit for ¥500.

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I think I wouldn’t unwrap. But I see the mess with boxed pencils at my own storage :see_no_evil:

Unfortunately I lost a bidding on an unwrapped Sunstar pro (they are often corroded, so this was a boxed situation I took care). If I had won it, I wouldn’t unwrap.


I have that Black one. I like the flag on it!