Pilot 2+1 60th Anniversary [1978]

This is the continuation of the discussion we were having on this other post

So from the listing photos I thought that it just had “Pilot Fountain Pen Incorporated” engraved, but oh was I surprised when the package arrived today!!

パイロット萬年筆株式会社 Pilot Fountain Pen Incorporated
創立六十周年記念 60th Anniversary of Foundation

I am beyond blown away!


Wow, lucky buy!


I thought it was printed, but the kanji is engraved! Can’t beat this specimen :100:


CONGRATULATIONS! Looks amazing. I’m also impressed the Kanji is engraved into the steel. That’s rather special.

By the way, Diego… I know that rattling thing is a pet peeve (notable annoyance) of yours.

I have both 2+1 steel stripe versions – this 1st release and the conical tip 2nd release. When doing a rattle test of both, the 1st gen is WAY louder! I was shocked, actually. The 2nd release is relatively quiet.

Btw, I have like 4 or 5 of the conical (2nd) and 3 of the rounded tip (1st), and I tested all of them.

And in case anyone is interested… it’s possible to take this 2+1 pencil apart. It’s really tricky, though. I may do a write-up on it, if there’s others who have trouble with their 2+1. In my case, I had a really worn out user grade example that I’d gotten in a pencil lot many years ago. It wasn’t working right from the get-go, so I set it aside. Eventually I recovered it again and then, since it’s worn and I was mostly using the pencil, I attached it to a notebook. Well, eventually it had a failure and wouldn’t function right without manual intervention (unscrew the front and manually manipulate the inserts). The other day I decided, out of curiosity from a convo with Diego, to take the thing apart. Why not? It was junk otherwise. And I fixed it! There was a small fragment of plastic that had somehow come off one of the plastic frames inside the D1 holder structure. And that was making a nightmare for the mechanism. With it out, and reassembled*, it works once more.

  • reassembly was a freaking nerve wracking endeavor. For a time, I thought it was doomed… to never work again. But I finagled with it for over an hour, while listening to a podcast. And with a little trial and error, I got it back together. First time, the D1’s were not in the right position. Second time, I got it right. But it’s a really weird temperamental assembly, involving a crazy megaphone shaped spring, a blunt brass nail, a brass collar, and a crazy juxtaposition of parts, put together in the right way to make the whole thing functional.