Pilot 2+1 60th Anniversary [1978]

This is the continuation of the discussion we were having on this other post

So from the listing photos I thought that it just had “Pilot Fountain Pen Incorporated” engraved, but oh was I surprised when the package arrived today!!

パイロット萬年筆株式会社 Pilot Fountain Pen Incorporated
創立六十周年記念 60th Anniversary of Foundation

I am beyond blown away!


Wow, lucky buy!


I thought it was printed, but the kanji is engraved! Can’t beat this specimen :100:


CONGRATULATIONS! Looks amazing. I’m also impressed the Kanji is engraved into the steel. That’s rather special.

By the way, Diego… I know that rattling thing is a pet peeve (notable annoyance) of yours.

I have both 2+1 steel stripe versions – this 1st release and the conical tip 2nd release. When doing a rattle test of both, the 1st gen is WAY louder! I was shocked, actually. The 2nd release is relatively quiet.

Btw, I have like 4 or 5 of the conical (2nd) and 3 of the rounded tip (1st), and I tested all of them.

And in case anyone is interested… it’s possible to take this 2+1 pencil apart. It’s really tricky, though. I may do a write-up on it, if there’s others who have trouble with their 2+1. In my case, I had a really worn out user grade example that I’d gotten in a pencil lot many years ago. It wasn’t working right from the get-go, so I set it aside. Eventually I recovered it again and then, since it’s worn and I was mostly using the pencil, I attached it to a notebook. Well, eventually it had a failure and wouldn’t function right without manual intervention (unscrew the front and manually manipulate the inserts). The other day I decided, out of curiosity from a convo with Diego, to take the thing apart. Why not? It was junk otherwise. And I fixed it! There was a small fragment of plastic that had somehow come off one of the plastic frames inside the D1 holder structure. And that was making a nightmare for the mechanism. With it out, and reassembled*, it works once more.

  • reassembly was a freaking nerve wracking endeavor. For a time, I thought it was doomed… to never work again. But I finagled with it for over an hour, while listening to a podcast. And with a little trial and error, I got it back together. First time, the D1’s were not in the right position. Second time, I got it right. But it’s a really weird temperamental assembly, involving a crazy megaphone shaped spring, a blunt brass nail, a brass collar, and a crazy juxtaposition of parts, put together in the right way to make the whole thing functional.

Would love to see that disassembly in a dedicated post :slight_smile:
I’ve only ever disassembled a couple of cheapie Platinum Double-Action R3 in clear plastic – the transparent bodies made it possible to see what I was doing. In the end, I used 3 of the same model to make the following mod:
2 x pens that were fully ballpoint only
1x pen that was fully MP. ← I subsequently found compatible MP parts to make it a 3/5/7 multi-pencil.



From Google Translate

To all employees and their families

We wish you all the best in your health and happiness as we enter a refreshing autumn.

I will tell you.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of our founding. This is due to the bloody efforts of many seniors since our founding and the tremendous understanding and support of our employees, who are all family members.

Needless to say, companies have an obligation to contribute to society, and in particular, as a company that supports culture, we must perpetually continue to exist and develop in order to fulfill that mission.

In the first half of this year, the economy remained stagnant, and domestic sales were sluggish due to the impact of sluggish domestic demand. 10,000 yen, an increase of 7.5% compared to the first half of the previous year. In terms of revenue, net income increased by 11.3% from the first half of the previous year to 169 million yen.

Competition between domestic and foreign companies is expected to intensify again this year. All of our employees are working together to make a breakthrough and to make this memorable year a new starting point for our company’s history. To this end, above all else, the united cooperation of all employees and the further understanding and support of family members regarding the company’s business are essential. I sincerely ask for your continued support and cooperation.

October 1, 1978

Pilot Pen Co., Ltd. President Katsuro Yamaura


I’d seen that commemorative PILOT 2+1 for sale. But I lost track of it. I hope you got it for a good price, Linus.

Ah, this is Internet picture, the round tip version is not in my collection because I think the cone tip one looks cooler. My habit is to collect only the favorite one among all versions. For those who like round tip version, this anniversary model is indeed a good collection.

By the way, in this post below I listed three special models of cone tip version that I have seen. I don’t think they’re official production version or special commemorative or custom ad version. I’m guessing Pilot made a few of these prototypes and considered bringing them to market as additional styles for the etch 2+1, but the proposal was eventually rejected.
In addition, once I have seen a customized ad model of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The red logo covers the original 2+1 characters, which is also interesting.