Pilot 0.5 Trender Men’s. Matte Black

Anyone able to share info on this pencil?

It isn’t like any other pilot/mp’s I’m aware of. What’s its reason for being unique? Why’s it named “Trender Men’s”? Is it a quality pencil?

Just curious, thank you!

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The Trendor appears in the 1988 catalog, and there may have been a few different variants of Trendor models.

The one in your picture is the most common, but it rarely appears on secondary markets. I am Mr. Pilot, yet I don’t have a single Trendor piece…

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Trendor shows up every now and then and isn’t expensive but it just doesn’t have any particular design kinks that could hook me into buying one, unlike say, the first time I saw a Pilot Palmarin or maybe one of the GIMNO variants with bright color accents.

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