Pentel Tradio Pencils & Pens

Any Tradio fans here? I like how the Tradio pencil mechanism is interchangeable with the pens. (I do like the Kerry more, both in feel and looks, but the original side-click mechanism is close to my heart.)


I have a few of these as well. I liked the original intent to be a modular system. The windowed cap was meant to help you see what kind of pen tip was inside. Always found it strange that the pencil model was made in France for some reason.


I believe all of the Tradios were made in France.

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I wish I knew exactly where they were made. All of the pencils, and pens with the same kind of cap as the pencils, have “JAPAN” molded on them.

I have one box of fountain pens where the box sticker shows “MADE IN TAIWAN”. A box of the pencils has “Japan Assembled by Euro Pentel”.


I sold my Tradio TRP55 MP quite a long time ago, but my spreadsheet says Country of Manufacture = Japan, so it must have had “Japan” printed or moulded somewhere implying Japanese origin.


I wonder what was behind the naming intention of “Tradio.”

Semi-unrelated, TOMBOW had a mechanical pencil & ballpoint duo line called ‘TRAD’ 1000… which I believe was simply a shortening of “TRADITIONAL.”