Pentel SG45...but the blue is too dark?

What gives here? All the blue SG45s I’ve seen are really vibrant, but this one is quite dark.

I have one of these. It is a denim blue. I also have the vibrant blues. I just sold this one that’s vibrant blue…

I’ll try to dig up my darker blue one.


So are we thinking these are just manufacturing differences?

They are very different blues.

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That’s my take as well. Seems significant enough that they aren’t really the same pencil, but as far as I know, Pentel only acknowledges a single blue SG45…

As far as I know there is only the single Blue SG45C. There is also the Black SG45 that has a blue-ish hue to it, but AFAIK it is designated SG45A (Black).