Pentel SG (precursor to the Excalibur and SG# pencils)

I just received a Pentel SG. It is far different than I believed from the picture in the Japanese One-Sheet (bottom of this image).

Here is the actual pencil

I always believed that the only difference was that it did not have anything imprinted below the clip, which it does not.

When I first opened it, I thought something is off about this. It doesn’t feel quite right. Then I compared it with an SG15

Looking at it, it is longer than later 70’s SG & Excalibur pencils, and the tip is different.

Here is what came in the SG box.

Another anomaly I noticed when I did this shot, is that, at first this appears to be the Japanese One-Sheet in the Pentel directory.

But not quite. . . the SV is missing from the 0.3mm section. This version is now in the Pentel Catalogs/Ads, Instructions and Pamphlets directory.


Interesting variation on that tip!

Yes. Around 1970, they had a couple of variations on other tips. These and the variations on the first Scepters.

Top is first version of the Scepter
Bottom is second version, which is basically the 2mm tip on the P200 & S55 pencil families.

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Love that older Scepter. One is currently at auction on YAJ :eyes:

And I am bidding on that one. It is the Sterling Silver version. All I have are Silver Plated.

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One of my Scepters is my every day use pencil at work.

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And it went for ¥44000
Not to me.

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That was over my threshold as well. I could stomach ¥25,000 for this piece, but that’s about it.

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I went ahead and purchased it. Had a little bit of extra moolah this month and took a shot at it. These Scepters don’t pop up often.


Yes, that one I have been trying to get for a while. You apparently outbid me on it.