Pentel Quicker Clicker Display

Going to do 3 more of these to hold all of my Quicker Clicker and Clic variants.


Wow! Like a QC jukebox :smiley:
The QuickColor (0.9?) are just eye candy… so hard to find ones that haven’t got the tail end yellowed to heck!


Yeah I’ve had several yellowed ones over the years and eventually got my hands on some perfectly preserved ones.


Did you make it Thomas? For the last year I have been sketching a very similar case to the one you show here. Could you share some photos of the interior, I would like to see the way the pencils are held in. It’s beautiful, I love it.


I did not make the case itself. It’s a rOtring case that I removed the rOtring logo and applied my own Pentel and Quicker Clicker branding. These are the only display cases that I’ve been happy with since they are small, holds 20 pieces, and is covered. I’ll take some upclose photos of it for you.

I actually was considering having these made to sell to collectors. They would come unbranded and you could pick the sticker pack of choice.


Would absolutely buy! Looks really nice!



Any concerns re: potential UV yellowing?

Nice work Thomas! How much are you thinking for just the sticker pack?

The display itself doesn’t contain any stabilizers or absorbers in the acrylics but I don’t plan to store in direct sunlight.


Not sure but it wouldn’t break anyone’s bank.


If anyone needs any just holla and I’ll work with ya.


Cool. Great job with it.

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What I love about this form factor, besides the density and the pieces being protected from dust, is that they line up side by side very nicely. You could have one, or several on a shelf and it looks freaking awesome.

Below is a poll to gauge interest. Let’s assume that I can have these produced and resell them for a reasonable price. This site wouldn’t be enough to support manufacturing alone but the pen world may also be interested.

Would you buy these displays?
  • Yes
  • No
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Would you be interested in a 20 (as seen above) or 40 piece display?
  • 20
  • 40
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I’m not sure personally. I really like them but I’m not sure where I’d put them. My current display thoughts are oscillating between a frame I can hang on the wall to a custom chest with removable drawers (which I’m hoping a local furniture guy can make for me).

Also, those are frankenpencils in the 2nd row, aren’t they?