Pentel Pencil Identification Book v2023.03 Released

I have (finally) updated the Pentel Book and posted it to both my website
(New Pentel Project – Nimrodd's Blog)
and in the Catalog directory
(Dropbox - Pentel Catalogs - Simplify your life)
as _Pentel Pencils Identification Book v2023.03.05.pdf.

Have fun :smiley:


What a wonderful way to end 2023! Thank you for all the hard work that went into this update!


Phenomenal work, Jimmy!
I have to believe that your identification compilation is something Pentel itself has never accomplished. Such a terrific resource. The amount of types, versions, and generations covered is so extensive. The time invested must have been enormous.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!.


Thought you might want to add these to the book.
They are Caplet A105 with Kanahei’s Usagi and Pisuke collaboration.
As far as I know only available in Taiwan.
Production year is 2018 IIRC.

There are also some limited edition Energize.


I decided at the very beginning not to add most Limited Edition pencils to the book, as there are far, far too many.

The very few I have entered are the Olympics and the Pop’n’pop pencils. Or if they have their own model numbers, such as the Delfonics or the Popeye pencils. Other than that, I try to not list them.