Pentel PD345 without eraser cap?

I often times see the PD345 Jet Clic / Quicker Clicker for sale on eBay, YJP, Mercari, etc. without the eraser cap and it drives me crazy. When I was a kid I would die when I’d lose the cap on my Quicker Clickers.

To see a packaged item without a cap is triggering me. Were these actually sometimes sold without a cap???

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I am pretty sure that all of my were sold without caps. Did the catalogs show them with caps or without?

I used to throw away the cap as soon as I got one of these back in the day.


I would have pantsed you if you did that in front of me.

I sometimes have that effect on certain people. And not always in a good way.

I saw that listing but didn’t even notice the missing cap.

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