Pentel PBS1 ("the bat") — how to refill lead?

Can’t figure out how this thing works, and I’m always afraid I’m gonna break something.

Two issues:

  • Can’t figure out how to refill the lead
  • Can’t get the metal thing on the end to sit flush with the end of the bat once the cap is re-posted

Thank you for any insights!

Figured it out—you’ve got to pull much harder on the metal infill cap than you’d ever feel comfortable with.

This resolved both issues, and now I’m scribbling home runs all over the place :call_me_hand:t6:

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What color did you get? Can you get me a good picture for the book, capped and posted?

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Glad you got one! Such a cool piece.

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Absolutely! I’ll snag some nice pictures tomorrow when I’m in the office.

Mine is the blue version, and it’s in excellent condition.


I’ll pick it up this weekend.

Thanks dude!



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