Pentel P805 & Iris?

I came across a tweet with a photo of a (late-70’s???) catalog page of Pentel pencils.

I have saved the page into my Catalog directory (Dropbox - Pentel Catalogs - Simplify your life) as <Pentel of Japan 1978 + or - (single page).jpg>.

What interests me about this is the picture shows the 5 P1075 colors, then what is clearly a P875, an S55, ML5, ML51 and then a P505. Below that is text with names (that match those at the top of the page). The first one is , then P805, then 5, then Middle 5 and last Short 5.

The last 3 names have long been known to be in common use, but this is the first time I have seen Iris connected to the P1075, and this is the first time I have seen a definitive name for the “P875”, which we got from a Yahoo Auction, and went along with, because it made sense.

I will be changing the next version of the Pentel book to update the P875 to P805, with an explanation of the reason for the number change, and I will be adding the name Iris to the P1075.


Wow. First time I see this catalog page. Sadly I’m becoming more and more obsessed with catalogs and boxes than the pencils. I guess because I’ve acquired most of what I want. :thinking:

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Helluva find. Sexy catalog page, too :eyes:

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How rare are the P1075’s? 1000 yen price tag from the ‘70’s is a little high compared to most of what I buy.


It’s pretty rare to see them for sale. You’ll come across them maybe a few times a year.

I absolutely love them. I have a complete set and recently sold an extra blue one on eBay. It pretty much sold immediately.

Expect to pay at least ¥4500 for any one of these; expect to pay hella more if the specimen is yellow.