Pentel P595 Pop'npop

I just received my fourth P595 Pop’npop pencil (thanks @Knockologist). In the picture below, it is the bottom one.

I have been trying to figure out the colors of this series, and currently I have them listed as (top to bottom): P Pink / S Sky Blue / V Violet / Z Silver.

But this has me wondering, what other colors are available. Aside from the Pink (both packaged and not), I don’t see any pictures online of these pencils.

Looking at my other Pop’npop pencils, aside from the few Q605s I have, and the first series of Q535 (4 on the right above), they are all the same colors: C Blue / D Green / G Yellow / P Pink / V Violet. And the only silver Pop’npop that I know of is the PD515 (Type 1).

I am wondering if I am looking at the wrong place for the color of the P595s: the body.

What if I look at the ring around the top? Then I have the following colors C Blue / G Yellow / P Pink / V Violet. This means that these pencils do fall into the primary Pop’npop color scheme, and that I am just missing the D Green color.

Does this look plausible to everyone?


I would also assume that there was a green.

Isn’t there also a ‘black’ PD515 Pop’npop?

Also, what’s a fair price for a good quality P595 pink Pop’npop?

On average I have paid US$20.45 for my P595 pencils.

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Thanks. I ended up with one in a bundle.

If anyone wants it, dm me.

Do you have a picture of it?

Will post shortly

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