Pentel P225: Mechanical Quartet in Technicolor

Oddly I can’t find the black P225. I know I have several.

Anyway, these pieces are so simple and enjoyable, but I can’t help but recall how I used to remove the pocket clips when I was younger. My fidgety nature got the best of me, and I would constantly disassemble and reassemble everything - except for these clips.


These are extra slick when presented together. LOVING that mustard yellow and RED red.


I’d love to have a green in 0.7 or something other than 0.5… to go with a Sharp 11 :+1:t2:

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I have a box of these. It came with 2 full sets of colors, with stickers, plus an extra black and red. Here are the ones I have left in the box. The others are on display in my office.


I also havw a box of White ones with no text.


These are all metal internals?