Pentel P225 Colors

This week, I was reviewing the new version of the Pentel Book I am putting together and saw something.

I have had these for years (the pencils and the Pentel of Japan - 1980 Catalog (Pencil Section).pdf), but never noticed this.

Even after seeing this pencil that I had never seen, I missed this. I just saw “new color” for the P225.

I got my pencils and saw the 5 pencils in the catalog and never made the connection, I just knew that my pencils were the ones in the catalog.


The pencils I have are colors Black, Red, Green, Brown & Yellow.

Looking back at the catalog, they are Black, Red, Green, Brown & … Orange? Wait a minute, when did that color code change from G to F?

Even after years of looking at these pencils, and looking at that catalog, and even seeing that auction, I never noticed this.

Just goes to show that “seeing” something one way for years, you grow blind to it.
It pays to go back and look at things again, every once in a while.