Pentel P115 Date Code

A couple of posts popped up on Twitter this weekend that showed a disassembled P115-A, and the location of the Date Code on it.

I pulled out the 4 P115 that I have and got the dates off them.
P115-A 9(?)A This one is really faded
P115-A 9B
P115A-D 9G
P115A-G 4G


Do the preceding digits go into the teens? or only the last digit?

As far as I know there were only 2 styles of date codes:
yymmdd - sometimes dropping the leading year digit
YM - 2 character with the year being only the last digit, so you would have to know the years it was made to know the actual year (which doesn’t really help on the P200’s 50+ years of manfuacturing). The last Month character uses A-L to stand for months 1-12. Usually it is upper case, but occasionally it is lower case, which I primarily see with February (B), probably to keep it from getting confused with an 8.

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