Pentel Orenz front tips, and how they've changed

I saw someone on the Reddit sub say that the metal grip Orenz nose cone is not compatible with the base Orenz. So I made this comparative image to help illustrate it. There may be a sizing flaw here, due to the way images were provided over on Amazon. But they’re usually very consistent in their stock photography, provided by Pentel (presumably).

Certainly the AT model has a notable difference. Based on how the nose cone meets the metal grip on the body, the nose cone looks like it has a flange on it. Again, might be a flaw due to sizing. The nose cone shape looks nearly identical, save for a pipe length difference.

Anyway, if anyone here owns all three, would be super cool if you could take a high resolution photo of the 3 nose cones removed and set up side-by-side!


I have all three and they are not identical. The metal grip and the AT are wider at the bottom of the grip, hence the wider flange.


I used to make both the Orenz and Orenz Metal Grip bodies and they were indeed different.



Used to?

I’m gobsmacked. These are gorgeous! Any chance you’ll make 'em again? And btw… so, underneath the metal grip Orenz is actually real brass? That looks absolutely amazing. Great work, Thomas!


These were pretty darn tricky to make. I sold a handful of them, lost plenty of money, and retired from making them. But it sure was fun for a while.

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Ugh. Sorry to hear that. Was the turning of the resin barrels to just the right diameter (OD & ID) the hardest part?