Pentel MECHANICA 0.3 First one (only pencil, not full set)

Upper one is old model (maybe 1975?~1985? not sure)
Lower one is the first one (1969)

First one’s grip was very poor condition, so I polished it.
Please note that.

I don’t know if it was glossy or matte at the time of release.
But the first one and early one have a coating on the grip.

Also the First one has only “H, 2H”.


Right one is the First one.
Structure is slightly diffrent.

Also, tips are not compatible.
When you assemble old tip to the first one, it will have a gap in the middle like that.


Also, the First one has CAPITAL PENTEL mark on clip.

First one’s cleaning pin is shorter.

Finally, the mechanism is different from the later.


In the final analysis, does it look like Pentel made worthwhile improvements to the mechanism of the Mechanica? I would hope it was something done to improve reliability, rather than a production cost cutting measure.

Yes. It was an obvious improvement.
I really didn’t like the sound and feel of the knock.
In fact, the latter mechanism is harder to create.
There’s one more step in the process.